3D-VR System

Currently, the system which can watch VR (virtual reality) moving images with using 3D goggles is popular in the market.
As a result of having made full use of technology as an unprecedented unique method, our 3D-VR system has realized the method which can deliver 3D video + sound in real time.This system applies for a patent.

The greatest feature of this system is that you can experience the same visual and auditory sensation in real time as a 3D-VR sender.
This system works by having someone wearing the 3D-VR glasses with a 3D camera equipped.
This video will be compressed and sent to the viewer wearing 3D glasses and by using the smartphone, the viewer would be able to enjoy the same experience the person who sent the video had.

Transfer the moving image to the sharing site with the 3D camera

You can reproduce your favorite moving images in 3D!

The moving image transmitted by the 3D-VR caller can be viewed on the shared site in real time, and the viewer can pay a fixed amount of time and view the simulated experience moving image.

At that time, the remaining time of the purchased time is displayed in the moving image. And it is charged when time is exceeded and you can enjoy the moving image as much as you like.
It is available to pay in virtual currency, and it is also included in the patent.

In this system, you can experience a simulated experience where you can become a person whom you want to become, such as a baseball batter, the pilot of an airplane, a race car driver, a teacher or a singer back dancer.
Additionally, this system spreads to medical and academic fields infinitely.