Elvis is a proprietary communication infrastructure that transmits and receives data using sound waves. Elvis uses high frequency sound waves (stealth sound waves) that cannot be heard by human's ear. So it is possible to send data over existing music and in-store broadcasting. It is a new era communication infrastructure.
Since you can transmit data using the existing sound system, a huge capital investment burden is unnecessary.

It can be expanded even if you have a sound source and sound system with embedded information at anyplace.

Elvis technology has already been put to practical use in Korea and introduced as a silent order system in all Starbucks stores in Korea. If you order it on the Internet in advance with a smartphone, the smartphone receives high frequency sound wave at the same time as you visit, it automatically launches the application. The store staff will recognize that the customer coming to the store via the local network, before the customer arrive they prepare the order and hand it over. This Silent order system makes it happen.

Order with smartphone and receive immediately at store

Elvis uses sound waves so, it has no negative effect on medical equipment.
For example, it is optimal for information communication in a medical institution. etc.
Because information can be transmitted if there is only a sound system.
It is possible to transmit information on each area by utilizing sound system, digital signage monitor.

A New Era Solution that ELVIS makes Possible

Application to O2O Business (Online to Offline)

O2O business is a mechanism for customers who have visited their sites on the Internet.
It connects the Internet with stores, distributes coupons that can be used at stores, and directs them to stores. The following scenes can be considered for O 2 O business application.

■ Coupon Distribution

Get coupons on the Internet and use them at stores. Normally, coupons are distributed at their own site or LINE.
By using this developed product, it is possible to perceive and transmit short distance by sound waves. So coupons can be distributed by push notification to people who passed in front of the store.

■ Stock Status

Check stock status on the Internet and visit stores. It is possible to send quantitative limited items and stock information on sale items not only to the Internet viewer but also to people passing in front of the store.
Electronic advertisements of time sale are the most effective in the advertisement in the station premises. Push notification of stock information in the area is expected to have considerable advertisement effect.

■ Online Settlement

Settlement on the Internet and receive items at stores. After traditional online payment, you will receive products at the convenience stores or using delivery service.
In the case of this developed product, when you enter the store, the store staffs recognize you. So you can receive the products you ordered immediately. Also, this can be applied to restaurants and other places.
When customer come to the restaurant, your order will be prepared to cook. The momentum the customers arrived at the restaurant all he has to do is pick up the food. It is expected to demonstrate its power to increase the customer turnover rate.

Application to Behavioral Targeting

Controlling the volume control and direction of sound waves enables local sensing smartphones located nearby.
Also it is possible to determine the location with higher accuracy compared to a GPS or with Bluetooth.
The position information can be drawn from the smartphone via the Internet and applied to marketing.

■ In-Store Marketing

You can see how the customer moved in the store. It is also possible to gather data of the time duration when the customer arrive in front of each merchandise display at the store.

■ Lead Conduct Confirmation

It is possible to take data on the movement of a person. It is possible to collect person's movement data in station premises, in the train, and in popular entertainment facilities etc. This data will be used for eliminating congestion and accident prevention.

■ Entry Confirmation

You can enter the hands-free area such as an art museum. After collecting the entrance / exit data, when it will confirm the entry, you can confirm the ticket which you settled online beforehand. Credit settlement is possible, so handsfree entrance and exit is realized.

Application for Dispatching Disaster / Sightseeing Information

There are many businesses that are possible by using sound wave rather than radio waves. One of the sample is disaster prevention and utilization for sightseeing.

■ Disaster Information

It is active during communications restrictions such as large-scale disasters. In case of a large-scale disaster, communication restrictions are imposed on mobile phones. Additionally, it is difficult to acquire the information on the Internet due to server down or due to concentration of access. Since this developed product uses sound, it is possible to transmit data conforming to the place from the existing broadcast speaker of the municipality.

■ Safety Confirmation

You can see which evacuation center you are in, such as in a disaster. Even if you cannot move by yourself such as in a disaster, you can see which evacuation centers you can use using smartphones. Also, even if you do not know where you are, you can use it to search for the victim since the smartphone responds the sound.

■ Tourist Information

You can send tourist information by spot.You can notify the smartphone with "push notification" which the application informs users about sightseeing information. In addition to presenting usual sightseeing information, we can provide pleasure to discover spots that are not on the Internet, or provide information that we cannot get without going to the location yet.