There are no borders in the virtual currency. The convenience across borders is the biggest feature of the virtual currency. Eternalcoin aims for virtual currency that can be used all over the world through various wallet functions and authorized exchanges. At the moment there are four countries where Eternalcoin can be used. We would like to develop it sooner as ever. In addition, to that the number of users of Eternal Wallet has increased by more than 10% every month. The number of countries that can be used increases, so that the rate of increase will be faster than what it is now. We aim at improving the convenience of the virtual currency in the future.

Multi Currency Tradable Wallet

For example, when you exchange Japanese yen for peso through virtual currency, all you need is to open wallet. There is no need to open a wallet on multiple exchanges like trading in other virtual currencies. Eternalcoin has exchanges in Japan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and Korea. If you open Wallet in one country, you can exchange it in another currency in your own wallet. This feature is not convenient if you deal with only virtual currency transactions. However, it is convenient for exchanging money when traveling abroad, shopping and overseas remittance using Eternalcoin. And it will become more convenient if more Eternalcoin exchanges are opened all over the world.

Payment in Fiat currency (yen or dollar)

Paying in virtual currency means that there is a risk of falling prices due to holding virtual currency both users who pay in virtual currency or stores that accept payment in virtual currency. In Eternal Wallet, payment in the country's currency is possible to eliminate the risk of price decline. Of course, Japanese people will not use Eternal Wallet JPY when using them in Japan. However, when traveling overseas, exchange JPY on hand with the local currency, when shopping and withdrawing in local currency are considered to be merit for users and shops. Because there is no risk of price decline.

Eternalcoin as hub currency

For overseas remittances and exchange using Eternal Wallet, you need to purchase Eternalcoin once, then sell it when you conduct transaction. These series of transactions with Eternal Wallet can be done in one action in Wallet. So it is not necessary to hold an Eternalcoin if you are going overseas remittance or would like to use Eternal Wallet when you go abroad. Eternalcoin is a hub currency for overseas remittance and exchange money.

Benefits of possessing Eternalcoin

Eternal wallet has a function called DOT function.
The DOT function is a mechanism for distributing transaction fees. You will be charged a slight fee when you buy, sell and transfer Eternalcoin using Eternal Wallet. This fee will be distributed to the owner of the Eternalcoin once a week according to the possession number. By having this function, there is also a merit of having an eternal coin as a hub currency. So as long as the eternal coin continues to be used as the hub currency, its value will never be 0.

Comparison with electronic money

If you use it only in one country, electronic money is more convenient than Eternal Wallet. Eternal wallet is characterized not only by its own use in your country but also available in other countries. We believe it is advantageous. The spread of available shops all over the world and the spread of currency exchanges will be differentiated from existing electronic money.

Comparison with conventional overseas remittance

When transferring overseas by a bank, bank transfer fee, receiving fee, intermediary banking fee, spread fee etc. will occur. If you make money remittance using Eternal Wallet, it will be P2P transaction between customers. The remittance cost will be almost free.

Split function

Since Eternalcoin aims that the virtual currency to be used, if the price of the Eternalcoin raises too much, it will split and we will adjust it to a unit that is easy to use.
* For example, if you split an Eternalcoin by 10, the price of the Eternalcoin will be one tenth, but the number of Eternalcoin you own will also be increased 10 times.

Official exchange

Authorized exchanges dealing with Eternalcoin are the only one exchanges in one country. The reason is that Eternalcoin is the only one in the world. But if there are more than two exchanges in one country, there will be multiple Fiat currencies (basic currency) issued for each exchange. Then there will be multiple Fiat currencies that can be accepted at Eternalcoin available stores. Therefore, it will increase the burden that it is necessary to reconfirm the acceptance of the Fiat currency. And you need to apply for withdrawal to each exchange. Also, since the risk of bankruptcy on the exchange also increases, authorized exchanges dealing with Eternalcoin are one place in one country.

Eternalcoin summary

Eternalcoin Publisher:
Atom Solutions Co., Ltd.
Official name:
XEC (Eternalcoin)
Total issues:
200 million XEC
Transmission / reception speed:
0.5 seconds to 3 seconds (It may be delayed depending on Internet environment)
Transmission method:
P2P transaction through Eternal Wallet
Eternalcoin obtaining method:
Acquisition by market transaction at our authorized exchanges and relative transaction between individuals
Eternalcoin transaction fee:
About 5 yen equivalent XEC to 1 transaction
Transaction fee distribution ratio:
50% of the total transaction fee of the Eternalcoin will be distributed according to the XEC holding rate.
Transaction fee distribution day:
Every Wednesday 12:00
Minimum number of transactions:
0.00001 XEC
Minimum transaction unit:
1 yen / 1 Philippines peso / 1 Hong Kong dollars / 1 US dollars / 1 Korean won
Tradable time:
24 hours 365 days
Japan: Eternal Live, Philippines: Token Hub,
Hong Kong: Eternal Hong Kong, Korea: Eternal Korea
Tradable currency pair: