2018.02.02Announcement of Security Protocols.

Thank you for using Eternal Wallet system.

This is to formally announce that Atom Solutions Co., Ltd. shall establish a “System Security Countermeasure Team” as part of the system modification.

The objective of this establishment is considering the concerns related to security issues that have been raised just recently, Eternal Wallet had a major restoration and security enhancement to protect our client assets. Atom Solutions Co. Ltd. shall be giving its advice and assistance towards other exchanges across foreign countries.

Cyber Security Team’s objective and responsibilities
  • ・Secure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information security.
  • ・Review and enhance the monitoring system in identifying illegal transactions.
  • ・Build and enhance the system of internal risk management.
  • ・Immediate response and investigate against the incident occurred.
  • ・Review and enhance the system data terminals.
  • ・Business partnership with security companies to develop the system from third party perspective.
  • ・Enhance the monitoring system in customer assets.
  • ・Review and enhance the operation manuals against incident.
  • ・Implement regular training to maintain the support quality.
Relative to this, we will endeavor to build a secured environment to prioritize client’s assets with reviewing and updating our security protocols including the establishing of solutions for pre-examination of each security system and post correspondence during incident occurrence.

Our utmost gratitude and understanding for the continued support to Eternal Coin Wallet.